Inspiring English adjectives for puppy naming

Please take it as an inspiration to find the right one for your Maltese
and don't care about spelling!

A absolute; addicted; adorable; always; amazing
B beautiful; beloved; bewitched; bright; brilliant
C candy; celestial; chantilly; charming; cute
D dainty; dazzling; delicious; divine; dreaming
E easy; enchanted; especial; excellent; exclusive
F fabulous; famous; fancy; fluffy; funny
G gay; gentle; good; gorgeous; great
H handsome; happy; heavenly; high; hot
I ideal; impressive; indecent; international; irresistible
J Japanese; jazzy; jolly; joyful; jumping
K kandi; keeping; kickin' up; killing; kissing
L last; little; looking for; loveable/lovely; lucky
M magic/-al; majestic; marvelous; mischievious; mysterious
N national; natural; never/-ending; new; nice
O obvious; old; once; only; out of
P pawsitively; perfect; playing; precious; pretty
Q queenie; quest for; quick; quiet; quite
R raising; real; rocking; romantic; royal
S secret; silky; sparkling; super; sweet
T taylored; thrilling; tiny; total/-ly; true/truly
U ultimate; undeniable; unforgettable; unique; unusual
V valuable; vanity; velvet; very; vital
W walking; whispering; white; wild; wonderful
X xcentric; x-clusive; x-cotic; x-tra; x-treme/-ly
Y yellow; young; you're
Z zany; ziggy; zippy
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